All Industry Standard Lamping Options

Some companies provide commercial lighting fixtures with pole mounted lighting fixtures specifically engineered for a wide range of functional and decorative lighting tasks. The pole mount lights are available in all industry standard lamping options and can be ordered in any number of standard housings and finishes. Customized pole mounted lighting kits can also be obtained.

The following summaries represent a few of the major fixture types supplied. Ask your lighting specialist about the various designs and wattage intensities available to commercial contractors. Please click on  hanging artwork ideas to know more.

Commercial Flood Lighting Fixtures

Pole mounted flood lights can be obtained in fluorescent, mercury vapor, or metal halide lamps. Use these pole-mounted fixtures to light the corners or your clients acreage and eliminate shadows around the edges of outdoor parking lots, garages, and work areas adjacent to loading docks.

Pole-mount flood lights will fit on any number of functional or decorative lighting poles and can be obtained in both standard green and brown finishes as well as custom finishes.

Parking Lot Lights

Pole mounted parking lights are heavily regulated by municipalities and state governments. Almost every client you service is required by law to comply with specific foot candle minimums and dark sky laws that limit glare and light pollution in parking lots and surrounding neighborhoods. Lighting specialists will help you select the most appropriate pole mounted lights for the parking area using sophisticated foot candle plotting charts, customizable mounting tenons and accessories, and up to date information on dark sky laws in various parts of the country.

Find multi-tap lighting fixtures, pole mounted forward throw lights, parking lot floodlights, special housing designs, and even custom finishes in the impressive selection available.

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